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Our Mission

To become a well-respected specialized consultant for the design and manufacturing of mobile hydraulic and air cylinders and for offering excellent customer service for mainly manufacturing SMEs in North America.

Our Story

Regy Hydraulique was formed by three employees from Hyco Canada in St-Wenceslas in May of 1999 in a building of about 60’ X 150’ situated near the southern side of the municipality. In the centre of Quebec, the company represents a real advantage for its neighbouring customers from bigger centres.

The decision to go in business together came from the fact that Hyco Canada had decided at the time to abandon its division of hydraulic cylinder repair. The foreman, Mr. Edmond Mcmahon, and two others of the same department, Mr. Gaston St-Laurent and Mr. Réal Lamothe, decided that to be able to satisfy the customers, they needed to take charge of that division.

On the way, our three shareholders, who count for more than 20 years of expertise in designing, manufacturing, as well as repairing hydraulic, air and telescopic cylinders, realized that there was a potential market in manufacturing these cylinders and successfully started in the field.

At Regy Hydraulique, we know that time is important; that’s why we offer a high-performance delivery service. Moreover, it should be noted that since we are the manufacturer, our prices are more than competitive.

You have challenges, issues with your hydraulic cylinders or any other components? Regy Hydraulique is your solution.



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